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Emilie Jolie - 2011

From the musical story of Philippe Chatel © Universal Music Publishing France

Format: 75’
Type: 2D Animated feature
Script by: Philippe Chatel
Graphic design: Patrick Clerc, Eric Guillon and Alexandre Hesse
Producers: Télé Images Production, 2d3D Animations
Directed by: Francis Nielsen and Philippe Chatel
Musics: Original songs from the album of 1979, sung by Georges Brassens, Philippe Chatel, Julien Clerc, Françoise Hardy, Henry Salvador, Yves Simon, Sylvie Vartan and Séverine Vincent + unreleased songs of Ellie Semoune and Francois Xavier Demaison
Distributor: Gébéka Films
Broadcaster: Orange Cinema Series
Cinema release: October 19th, 2011
DVD/Blu-Ray release: February 21th, 2012

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Synopsis :

The movie tells the extraordinary adventure of Emilie Jolie in the magic world of her book. Helped by the little stone, the hedgehog, and the giant bird, Emilie will have to get over her fear and her naivety to release Gilbert, the young blue rabbit,kidnapped by the witch, and to save her book from destruction.
Official website: www.emilie-jolie-lefilm.fr

Pictures :

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