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Je vous ai compris - 2011

Award for the best Art Direction in the TV drama festival of La Rochelle – 2012

Format: 85’
Type: TV movie
Script by/Directed by: Frank Chiche
Adaption of-Dialog: Frank Chiche and Georges Fleury
Producer: Laurent Thiry (Magnificat Films)
Coproduced by: Emilune Productions, ARTE France, CRRAV Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Service provider: 3D Layout

Broadcasting: ARTE second half of 2012

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Synopsis :

During the night of April 21, 1961, with the hope of ending the policy of General de Gaulle, and leading to the independence of the Algerian people, the 1st Foreign Parachute Regiment seized power in Alger. Malika, Jack and Thomas prepare to face their destiny. All three are between 20 and 30 years old and love Algeria, each in their own and different way…

Pictures :

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Video :

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