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le pere noel est sans rancune

No Hard Feelings Santa Claus ! - 2001

Format: 30’
Type: TV movie
Script by: François Gaschet – adapted from the book illustrated by Lionel Koechlin published in 1996
Directed by: Jean-Pierre Jacquet, Lionel Koechlin
Producers: Dargaud Marina, TF1, 2d3D Animations
Music: François Hadji-Lazaro
Broadcaster: TF1 December 24th, 2001
DVD release: Citel Vidéo 2004

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Synopsis :

Santa Claus is clumsy and so much in love that he nearly forgets to make his round. Animals are angry because they don’t have gifts. The Fairy turns evil creatures into fir-tress. The reindeer want to have stories read to them before going to sleep… Indeed, the poetry of this special Christmas episode shakes up the stereotype..

Pictures :

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