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Rise of the Zelphire - In development

Format: 80’
Type: Animated feature 3D Relief
Script by: Arthur Qwak – Adapted from the eponymous comic of Karim Friha
Producer: 2d3D Animations

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Synopsis :

In a fantasy 19th century shaken by political revolutions, traumatized children developed strange powers: they are called the “Zelphires”. A legend tells that a spirit sleeps in every one of us and a trauma can awaken it. The mind is hurt and the body reacts in order to protect itself: such is the rise of the Zelphire. Rejected by human ignorance and fear, the Zelphires, will be the main actors of the victory over darkness. Our film tells the story of one of them, Sylvan, who wanted to fully live his life.

Pictures :

  • 2d3D_Zelphire_horizontale
  • 2d3D_Zelphire_verticale
  • Zelphire3
  • Zelphire4
  • Zelphire5
  • Zelphire6