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From kiss to baby - 2005

Format: 90’
Type: TV Documentary (Society/ Health Wellness)
Directed by: Thierry Berrod
Producers: Mona-Lisa, France2, ICAM Japan, TéléQuébec, The Science Channel, TVE NDR, Discovery Health Channel, Sagrera TV/RTVE, Discovery Network Asia, Rodolphe Gomberh TSR, RTBF, VRT, Melchior Studio/Center TV, SBS Television Media, Région Rhône-Alpes, Research Ministry.
Broadcaster: France 2

Service provider: 3D animations and special effects

DVD release: 25 may 2005

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Synopsis :

How far can you go in the observation of the birth of life? The very idea of telling this inner adventure in pictures seems an insurmountable challenge. For the first time, thanks to the latest medical technologies and micro cinematography, this film comes closest to the miracle of life by inviting us to a fantastic trip inside our bodies, to observe the birth of life in all its phases: the search for a partner through to sexual intercourse, fertilization, growth of the egg and the foetus until the birth.

Pictures :

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Video :

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