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CGG Veritas - 2005 - 2006

CGG_Node (2006): Real-time 3D interactive application CGG_Node
CGG_Alize (2005): Interactive communication for events

For its participation in the exhibition SEG in Houston in November 2005, (a major event in the profession) the General Company of Geophysics wanted a high definition interactive application for its stand. With the aim of presenting the real-time HD marine geophysical process, it includes the search for deposits on the high seas where a ship drags a set of parallel cables (streamers) which house the sensors (hydrophones). The device being along nearly 6 km.

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Synopsis :

Based on real-time application, it was to offer HD 3D sequences for mounting in a communication DVD presented at the exhibition.

Pictures :

  • CGG1
  • CGG2
  • CGG3
  • CGG4
  • CGG5

Video :

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