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Mission Oceans - 2016 - To download on Appstore et GooglePlay

Description: transmedia project

Exploitation Support: TV, Web, smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)

Target: Family

Concept: 2d3D Animations in coproduction with Galatée Films

Scientific Advisors: Stéphane Durand, François Sarano

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Synopsis :

An edutainment production

Mission Oceans is genuine “edutainment” aimed at a family audience. It has been designed to provide a new, complementary perspective on ocean conservation – you can learn, understand, explore and participate in the preservation of the oceans… and have fun!

Mission Oceans consists of:

  • A treasure hunt application: the “Mission Oceans eCard” application for smartphone and tablet for visitors to aquariums..
  • An internet site to deepen and share your knowledge with friends but also to connect with the real world. Find our products in the dedicated section..
  • A multiplatform video game combining adventure, reflection, discovery, management and sharing for parents … and their children!.
  • An animated TV series (including a Second Screen application): a series full of humour and adventure for children… and their parents!.
  • Based on unpublished images from the shoot for the film “Oceans” by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, our “edutainment” concept is a journey that will allow our family audience to experience a fabulous adventure, whatever the choice of platform: roam the oceans to discover new species, new underwater landscapes and become aware of the need to preserve life under the sea

    Partners :

    Mercator Ocean is the French centre for ocean analysis and forecasting, based near Toulouse. They have been developing and running operational systems (based on the MERCATOR System) able to describe, to monitor and to forecast the ocean at any location in the world, from the deep ocean to the surface. Mercator Ocean is a non-profit company, owned by 5 Major French Agencies: CNRS, IFREMER, IRD, Météo-France and SHOM.


    Pictures :

    • oceans verticale
    • océan3
    • océan8
    • océan7
    • océan4
    • océan1
    • océan6
    • océan5
    • océan2