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Louie - 2008

Format: 39 x 11’
Type: 2D animated serie
Author: Isabeau Merle – Inspired by Yves Got’s character
Directed by: Frédéric Chaillou, Frédéric Mège
Producer: Millimages
Broadcaster: France 5

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Synopsis :

Hey little one! Have you ever dreamed of exploring an island or travelling to the moon ? Do you want to race cars and horses or to talk to a friendly bear? Or maybe you just need to hide from the rain? No problem! Louie is here! And with the help of Yoko, they will draw many exciting things for you to discover, right before your very eyes: a house, an aeroplane, a kangaroo, a rocket and even an elephant ! Even better, you can learn to be a master artist yourself !
Official Website: www.mon-ludo.fr/didou/site

Pictures :

  • didou1
  • didou2
  • didou3
  • didou4

Video :

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