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Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk - 2015

Format: 52 x 7’
Type: 3D animated serie
Original script: John Lang & Marion Poinsot
Dialogues and script authors: Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud, Sébastien Guérout
Directed by: Antoine Colomb, Guillaume Rio
Producers/CoProducers: Nomad Films / Cauri Films / 2d3D Animations / Studio 3D / Canal +

Service Provider: Modélisation / Rig / 3D Animation / Rendu / Compositing

Broadcasters: Canal +

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Synopsis :

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk is the incredible new 52 x 7 minute animated 3D television series targeting young adults developed in Paris : a mix of Lord of the Rings with the humour of Monty Python.
7 adventurers unite their various strengths to search out the Gladeulfeurha statuette which, once re-united with the eleven other statues, will trigger the accomplishment of a mysterious prophecy. But in reality, the adventurers have about as much interest in the prophecy as in a Goblin’s cracked wisdom tooth. What they’re really interested in, is the money this statuette will earn them once they hand it over to their employer. But things aren’t so easy, the statuette is kept hidden by the powerful sorcerer Zangdar within the deep dark dungeon of his castle: the famous Dungeon of Naheulbeuk.