Adam is a young 8-year-old boy who is passionate about horse riding. When he and his father get into a car accident which leaves him paraplegic, Adam will have to adapt to his new life in a wheelchair and face others’ insensitivity and questions about his difference. Between dreams and reality, daily life and amazing adventures, spanning the range of human feelings, this story plunges us into the extraordinary journey of a disabled child who will discover that his difference can also be his greatest strength!


  • Format : 85’
  • Category: Full-length film of animation
  • Type : Anime, fantastic
  • Techniques : 2D and 3D
  • Director : Aissam BOURAK and Florent MOUNIER
  • Authors scenario: Aissam BOURAK and Florent MOUNIER
  • Producer : 2d3D Animations
  • Public: Family (Adults and Childs)
  • With the support of CNC and Creative Europe Media Programme of the European Union.