On a mountain somewhere in the world, there is a little puddle, a favorite resort spot for insects. Around, there is a vast scrubland forest where visitors can practice countless outdoor sports. Each summer they come to laze, sunbathe, cool down, have fun or play sports. It’s an ideal place to forget about all the stress and tensions of city life. Unfortunately, those who take part in these activities are not always as prudent as they should be. That’s why Paco and his mates are a team of highly trained dragonflies that are there to oversee safety and perform rescue operations.


  • Production year: 2006
  • Format : 26 x 13′
  • Category : Animation series
  • Type : Animation
  • Technique : 3D
  • Director : Pancho Monleon
  • Producers : Truca Films, 1km à pieds and  2d3D Animations
  • Service provider: Model 3D (Max) of characters and props, LO/3D Animation, rendering / compositing and 2D Fx
  • Broadcaster : France 5
  • Public : Young public