Gulf Stream, and the next ice age


The Gulf Stream has always intrigued navigators and scientists alike. This warm sea current begins in the Gulf of Mexico and provides Western Europe with its mild climate. Paradoxically, global warming could disrupt this “river across the sea”, causing the Old Continent to get colder very quickly!


  • Production year: 2007
  • Format : 1 x 26’ et 1 x 52’
  • Category : TV documentary
  • Type : Chronic science-fiction
  • Techniques : 3D
  • Authors/Directors: Stephan Poulle and Nicolas Koutsikas
  • Producers: Grand Angle , BlueWing Films and 2d3D Animations
  • Service provider: Story-board, Animation, 2D and 3D Fx
  • Broadcaster : France 3 (Thalassa)
  • Public: family (teenagers and adults)
  • Release date : March, 2007