Service Provider

Full service production house since 1999, we have more than 20 years of experience in features films, TV series, short films, video games and commercials in both 2D and 3D. we can handle every aspect of a project from the development and production stage up to delivery.


Since 2010 we are the main producer and international project developer on "Friends Forever", "Emilie Jolie", "Pinocchio" and "Iqbal, Tale of a fearless child".
We are also developing our own projects.


Since 1999, 2d3D Animations reflects the determination to work as a team and the desire to learn and to experiment jointly. The principle of coproduction has therefore become necessary. The methods are limitless since the contribution of skills as an animation studio on a project in the course of financing or an initiative of co-development introduced well upstream, including the simple desire to work with a producer whose values and qualities are recognized and appreciated. “Astérix and the Vikings” ,“Friends Forever”, “Emilie Jolie”, “Pinocchio”, “Minuscule” or even “Iqbal, Tale of a fearless child”, all these feature-length films we coproduced, participate in this desire to work on international collaborations.

The Charter of diversity adopted by our company in 2012 is a testimony of our commitment to the cultural, ethnical and social diversity in our organization, in France like abroad. We make a point of honour recruiting new talented people from all horizons, from all ethnicities, favourising as far as possible the mixity and diversity in the respect of each other’s difference.

We have signed the ECOPROD Charter in 2015, committing ourselves to rely on the renewable energies, the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment, the trash sorting and the chase of all sorts of wastage (lighting, heating…).