I, Elvis


I, Elvis Riboldi will recount the daily adventures of an energetic, scatterbrained, impulsive, reckless and slightly destructive boy named Elvis. With his friends Boris and Emma, Elvis takes on whatever happens in his smallish home city of Icaria. The show is being adapted from a book series from the Bono Bidari artistic collective, published by La Galera (Spain) and Hachette (France).


  • Format : 52×11’
  • Category : Animation series
  • Type : Comedy
  • Techniques: 2D cut-out realized on Toon Boom
  • Director : Gàlan Javier
  • Authors scenario: Franck Ekinci according to Bono Bidari’s novels (Jaume Copons, Ramon Cabrera, Daniel Cerda and Oscar Julve)
  • Producers:  Watch next media and Peekaboo productions
  • Service provider: Hand Pack, episodic Pack, decorations, Lay-out and animation of 26 episodes (animation cut-out on Toon Boom Harmony)
  • Public : + 9 years