Histoire de s'mélanger

histoire de s'mélanger


Long time ago, lived on a white island strange black birdmen…
Long time ago, lived on a black island strange white birdmen…
White birdmen lived on one side of the ocean, black birdmen lived on the other and they didn’t know they were living all on the same planet!

One night, a huge storm brought the two islands together and at dawn, a young white birdman met for the first time a young black birdwoman… and they quarreled.


  • Format : 9’
  • Category : Animation short film
  • Genre : Poetic and philosophical tale
  • Technique : 2D and 3D
  • Directors : Florent MOUNIER et Kahina MOUNIER
  • Script Writer : Florent MOUNIER
  • Graphic Author : Kahina MOUNIER
  • Producer : 2d3D Animations (Malika MOUNIER)
  • Public : From 4 years old, all audiences
  • TV : TV7
  • With the voice of : Dominique FROT (storyteller’s voice)
  • With the support of CNC
  • Ready for distribution end of 2021
histoire de s'mélanger