Republic of Cats


A tiny island luxury resort abandoned by humans, has fallen into ruins and is now inhabited by a colony of cats and other small animals. The Chinchilla cats control the food supply which causes constant conflict with the Stray cats. However, there is one lone cat who chooses not to interfere in the conflict – our lead protagonist “Apollo”. Apollo is an introverted and timid cat who immerses himself in his music to escape the loneliness he has felt since he was orphaned as a kitten.

One day, Apollo finds out from the island mice that the island is sinking. Inspired by his childhood friend Arte’s strength, he realizes that he has a moral duty to do more with his life than shy away from the other cats. Forced to face his fears, he must courageously lead his fellow feline community to safety before the island’s imminent demise.

Will Apollo and Strays manage to flee the island safely and in time…


  • Format : 80’
  • Category : Animated feature
  • Genre : Environmental, epic adventure
  • Technique : Hybrid 2D et 3D
  • Music Composer : Toshifumi Hinata (Japan)
  • Directors : Miki Kuretani and Florent Mounier
  • Script Writers : Miki Kuretani (Japan) and Taryn Lourens (South Africa)
  • Artistic Director : Brian Fitzgerald (Dublin)
  • Executive Producers : Jet Set Go (Japon) – Miki Kuretani (Japan) and Taryn Lourens (South Africa)
  • Line Producer : 2d3D Animations
  • Public : Kids, family and XYZ generation
republic of cats