"Minuscule", a big project

At the animation film market, meeting with the producer of one of the most ambitious French projects of the moment.

Schools, prestigious or exotic animation studios, animation sales shops, latest motion capture systems: welcome to the MIFA, the world’s largest animation film market that opened yesterday, on the fringes of Annecy. It is here that we take the full measure of the importance of this medium, but also of its variety: from pure tradition to avant-garde, from the West to the East, from TV to video game, animation today explodes all borders. And since we are talking about business, here are some figures that will allow you to take the scale of the phenomenon: the MIFA is now spread over 5,300 m², hosts 1064 exhibitors and more than 257 films will be presented during these three extremely dense days.

Technical ambition

C’est It was in the crowded alleys of the MIFA that we met Florent Mounier of the Angolan company 2d3d. Florent Mounier is the co-producer of one of the most promising films of the end of the year: Minuscule – the valley of lost ants. Adapted from a television series itself from a short film, Minuscule – the Valley of Lost Ants is an ambitious and atypical project that mixes real shots shot in stereoscopy, and characters in computer-generated images embedded in these environments. Produced mainly by Philippe Delarue’s Futurikon company, the film relates the fierce war waged by two rival bands of ants for a box of sugars, an unbelievable battle that saw the birth of friendship between a ladybug and a black ant.

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Julien Dupuy, journaliste, PREMIERE.

13/06/2013 – 12h22