Panshel's World


Welcome to Panshel’s world, a bright and shining realm overflowing with fun and surprises….a floating sky kingdom among the clouds, where a pair of wings and a lot of hope take Panshel and his pals to extraordinary adventures in a fantastic setting!
Aimed at children 3 to 9 years old – but will appeal to kids of all ages – Panshel’s world will allow you to follow the magical exploits of a group of loveable flying pandas in a captivating kingdom in the clouds where anything can happen…and almost always does!

Panshel’s world is dedicated to encouraging children to give their imaginations free reign through storytelling, role-playing, creative play and observing the world around.


  • Production year: 2003-2004
  • Format : 52 x 11’30
  • Category : Animation series
  • Type : Animation
  • Technique : 3D
  • Directors : Florent Mounier, Sidonie Herman
  • Producers: PPM, WAMC, Videal, Piwi , 2d3D Animations , MEP
  • Service provider: Co-realisation (Florent Mounier), Storyboard, Main Pack and Fun Pack
  • Broadcasters : Piwi et Gulli
  • Public : Young public
  • Release date : September, 2006