“For the first time in more than 450 million years, the sharks are near to extinction. Then, in last dash of hope, I, the great white shark, am going to tell you the story of how I was able to live with some of your human beings. As Cristina, Ocean or André, these three sensitive beings, which overcame the collective fear to understand us. I hope that the story will convince you, because the countdown is launched, before our Requiem rings…”


  • Format : 72’
  • Category: Documentary and Animation hybrid film
  • Type : Nature documentary
  • Techniques: Live-action take and 3D
  • Director : Pierre-Etienne LARROUS
  • Authors scenario : Pierre-Etienne LARROUS, Julien BOETZLE and Serap YILMAZ RIGAULT
  • Producers : 2d3D Animations and A propos Productions
  • Partners: Institut Océanographique, Shark Education, Shark Exploreres, Sharks mission, Atlantic Edge Films, Phocea Mexico, H2O Voyage, Alyses and AquaLung.
  • Public : All audiences