Secret Ranch


The Mistral is the name of the gusty wind from Provence that reaches the Marchhy plains of the Camargue, where the great Rhône River joins the sea. Mistral is also the name of a wild stallion saved by Lena, who by dint of patience et perseverance will succeed in taming. Her attachment to the animal will push her to realize with the help of her friends, her greatest dream: to create a refuge for horses injured on a part of the domain of her parents …


  • Production year: 2012-2013
  • Format : 26 x 26’
  • Category : Animation series
  • Type : Equestrian adventure
  • Technique : 2D
  • Music:  Franck Hedin and Generic medicine interpreted by Christophe Maé
  • Director : Monica Maaten
  • Authors scenario : Vincent Costli
  • Graphic authors: Alexetre Hesse and Patrick Lemordan
  • Director of writing: Vincent Costi
  • Producer / co-producers: Télé Images Productions/ De Agostini Editore, ARD , Equidia and Seahorse Anim
  • Service provider: Creation of the horses 3D animation bank and Compositing 
  • Distributors: TF1 diffusions (France) and Kinderkanal (Germany)
  • Broadcasters : TF1 Télétoon+ ARD-KiKA  and De Agostini
  • Public : Young public
  • Release date : October, 2012